Voluntary Free Maintenance Scheme for Designated Hitachi 3 Door & 4 Door Refrigerator


Product Safety and reliable After-sales Services are always the top priority at Arçelik Hitachi Home Appliances Sales Hong Kong Limited. Generally, in conformity with the instruction on user manual, it is safe to continue using the refrigerator under normal operation.


However, when our company examined the cause of failure of the refrigerator, we noticed that, where the refrigerator was not properly maintained according to the instruction manual such as cleaning or disinfecting by using corrosive solvents to the refrigerators, the pipe might be damaged, causing potential leakage of refrigerant or malfunction. In addition, in rare case and under prolonged usage, failure of insulation of the component inside the refrigerator might occur.  Although the possibility of occurrence of above failures are extremely low, to ensure product safety, Arçelik Hitachi Home Appliances Sales Hong Kong Limited is now offering “One Time Voluntary Free Maintenance Scheme” to designated Hitachi 3 Door & 4 Door refrigerator R-26NVH; R-S37NVH, R-26SVH; R-S31SVH; R-S37SVH; R-SF37WVPH; R-S31SVH-1; R-S37SVH-1, which were sold in between 2005 to 2012.


Customers, who registered the warranty of refrigerator models concerned, will receive our invitation for the Voluntary Free Maintenance Scheme via SMS or post letter. The maintenance services will be completed onsite. Also, our company will offer preventive maintenance on related parts or components. For any additional maintenance services falling out of this scheme, charges on parts, transportation and labor fees etc. will be incurred. Our company will advise the maintenance fees according to the terms and conditions of warranty services before additional repair.


Should you have any enquiries, please contact our customer services hotline +852 2110-8061 (Mon-Fri 9:15a.m – 5:45p.m; Sat 9:15a.m – 1:15p.m) or via email to service2.AHHK@arcelik-hitachi.com.


Please refer to the following details of the 3 Door & 4 Door Refrigerator models covering in this Voluntary Free Maintenance Scheme.


How to check the model number and serial number?









(Color: WH/ GGR/ SLS)

(Serial Number: 1150700001 - 1160600269)


(Color: WH/ GGR/ SS)

(Serial Number: 1150600001 - 1160600108)


(Color: WGR/ TGL/ SLK)

(Serial Number: 1160800001 - 1120400105)