• 0.67" DLP® x 1
  • WUXGA 1920 x 1200 解像度
  • 10,000 流明
  • 內置兩個顏色輪子
  • 採用兩個燈泡, 支援24/7運行
  • Accentualizer - 先進圖像處理功能
  • HDCR - 可提高動態對比度
  • 邊緣融合功能
  • 色彩管理功能
  • 電動變焦, 水平/垂直鏡頭移動功能
  • 七種不同率距自選鏡頭
  • 可360° 安裝
  • 垂直投影摸式
  • P by P / P in P 功能
  • 四個數碼連接介面包括HDBaseT™

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型號 CP-WU9100B
顯示系統 0.67" (16:10 aspect ratio) DLPx1
解像度 (WUXGA) 1920x1200
光亮度 10,000 ANSI 流明 (標準模式) / 7,500 ANSI 流明 (Eco模式)
對比度 2,500:1
鏡頭 Interchangeable, Powered Zoom, Powered Focus, Lens shift 
燈泡伏特 430W Dual (標準模式) / 344W Dual (Eco模式)
闊比的距離 (:1) 1.6 (Wide) / 2.4 (Tele) (Standard Lens SD-903 not included)
顯示尺寸 50"-600" (100" at 3.5m, wide max.) 
顏色數量 16.7 百萬
Focus距離 1.8m-21.4m (WIDE) / 2.7m-31.9m (TELE) (Standard Lens SD-903 not included) 
梯形調節 垂直 11:-1,  標準 at +12.9°-+8.7° 投影角度
電腦相容性 IBM Compatible VGA, SVGA, XGA, WXGA/WXGA+/SXGA/SXGA+/WSXGA+/UXGA/WUXGA (compressed), MAC16"
視訊相容性 525i(480), 525p(480p), 625i(576), 1125i(1080i®50/60), 1125p(1080p®50/60), 750p(720p®50/60)
HDMI/HDBaseT/SDI 525i(480), 525p(480p), 625i(576), 1125i(1080i®50/60), 750p(720p®50/60), 1125p(1080p®50/60)
基本功能 Auto signal search & Source skip,Frame Lock,lmage blank by RS232C/Remote control LED lamps (Filter, Shutter, Security, Lamp-1, Lamp-2, Temp, Power),Mechanical shutter, Magnify, Mirror Reverse Image, Up-side Down Image, Freeze, Serial number displayed on EASY MENU and on the side of projector, Status monitoring by sub LCD 
圖像調整 Bright/Rich Colour, Accentualizer and HDCR, Equalizing Colour temperature adjustment, Equalizing Digital Gamma Correction, Picture mode (Standard, Natural, Cinema, Dynamic, Board (Black), Board (Green), Whiteboard, Daytime, DICOM Simulation, User-1, User-2, User-3), Resolution setting, Video noise reduction, Mirror Reverse Image, Up-side Down Image, My Button by Remote control, My Memory, My source, My Text, MyScreen
數碼梯形調節 水平, 垂直: ±30°
先進功能 360 degree installation angle,Active Iris,Blending/Cropping,Filter timer / selectable interval time to show the message for air filter cleaning,lmage blank by RS232C/Remote control,Lens memory (Lens shift position, Lens type) MAC address displayed on the side of projector,Magnify 4 times p(GA) by RS232C/ Remote control, Mechanical shutter, Overscan (Video, Component video signal), Perfect Fit (4 comers), capable of saving/loading the setup, Picture by Picture/Picture in Picture, Magnify 4 times (XGA) by RS232C/Remote control, Portrait projection,Resolution setting,Warping and Blending Simultaneously, Scheduling features, 24/7 Dual Lamp mode
開關 Auto Power off, Direct power on, Eco mode
保安系統 PIN Security Lock, MyScreen Password Lock, My Text Password Lock, Lens Lock, Key Lock (Key pad, Remote Control)
網絡 AMX Device Discovery, Command Control via the Network, Configuring and Controlling the Projector via a Web Browser, Controlling the Projector via Scheduling, Crestron RoomView® (Not accessible through the wireless adapter), Displaying text data transferred via network, Failure and Warning Alerts via E-mail, My Image (still image transfer) Display, Network Bridge, Network Presentation (PC still picture transfer), Frame rate (practical) is under 12fps (640x480 movie), PJLinkTM, Projector Management via SNMP 
語言 English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Swedish, Russian, Finnish, Polish, Turkish, Persian, Arabian, Thai, Danish, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovenian, Croatian, Lithuanian, Estonian. Latvian, Greek, Brasileiro, Indonesian, Vietnamese
HDMI輸入 2 x HDMI (HDCP Compliant)
電腦輸入 15-pin Mini-Dsub x 1
電腦輸出 (畫面輸出) 15-pin Mini-Dsub x 1
DVI-D 1 x DVI-D 輸入
SDI 1 x SDI 輸入
HD Base T 1 x HD Base T 輸入
視訊 (RCA jack) 1 x BNC
控制 1 x RS-232C
USB  1 x USB Type A for Wireless adapter 
連線遙控  1 x 3.5mm
連線網絡 Wired LAN (RJ45) 
無線網絡 Wireless LAN (USB WLAN Dongle, USB A) Optional
電源 110-120VAC 10.2A / 220-240VAC 5.6A
耗電量/備用 110-120VAC 1090W / 220-240VAC 1070W / Standby 0.5W



537(W) x 505(H) x 170(D)毫米 (連鏡頭) / 537(W) x 438(H) x 170(D)毫米 (不連鏡頭) 
重量 約17.099公斤 (不連鏡頭) / 18.299kg ((連SD-903; 標準鏡頭) 
分貝 37dB (標準模式) / 32dB (Eco 模式)
過濾網 Hybrid 15,000 小時
證書 EMC,Low Voltage,ErP,RoHS,CE
配件 1 x Power Cord Euro cord (1.8m) / 1 x US cord (1.8m), 1 x Computer Cable (1.8m ), 1 x IR Remote Control Unit, 1 x Security Label, 2 x AA Batteries, 1 x Application CD (for network, etc.), 1 x user's Manual CD (Operating Guide, Network Function, Safety Instructions, User's Manual (Concise), 1 x Adapter Cover, 3 x HDMI cable holder, 3 x Cable Tie, 1 x Cabin Tie for Power Cord, 1 x Hook Metal, 1 x Screw, 1 x Lens Cover
燈泡 DT01931 (連過濾網)
USB 無線接駁器 USB-WL-11N
保用 3 years